Break Away, A Journey to Abstraction


As an artist, my natural abilities always lean toward portraits.  I love to do them, but every since I started to understand the simplicity and complexity of abstraction, I've been lured into producing work in that area of art.

In the beginning of 2019, I promised myself to develop a new process, or actually to combine all the things I love about painting into one coherent but expressive, abstract style.

January, February and a portion of March was like an excerpt of Pollock's life where he stared at a blank canvas for weeks before he painted Mural.  

For me, I'm not even close to getting where I want to be, and I believe that that goal will always be inches away from my grasp.

Believe me when I say it would be easier for me to stick with what I do or have been doing, but the urge to explore an area of art where there seems to be no bounds and is endless in possibilities, I can't refuse, and most important, there are no rules.  

Like I said before, I may never feel that I have reach the pinnacle of my work, but as they say, the journey is just as important.

Break Away is available at Saatchi Art

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