We-A New Abstract Geometric Style Painting on Wood by Ken Law

abstract blue and yellow with black and white, some shapes that look like people
We by Ken Law
I usually don't complain when I am painting because I love it so much.  Even with this painting, I enjoyed all the problems it afforded me.

What hurt and perhaps is the same with other artist is the baby process.  If you are a woman, then you will know what I mean.  It took forever for this painting to be conceived.  I can just imagine the pain and suffering on the table as the doctor awaits your masterpiece. 

"We" was such turmoil for me.  I couldn't help but see faces, and I was trying to avoid the cubic portrait style that started my life as a painter.

Nevertheless, a lot of faces appeared and stayed in my painting; although, I did my best to obliterate them with each paint stroke.

The final painting is wonderful.  I love the in and out, the over and under, the we and the we aren't of things that collide.  It is much about life.  It's the real thing. 

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