Time Lapse Video-Demonstrating Painting Dragon's Breath

I have a ton of time lapse videos where I use Procreate, and thought I would start to share them with you.  

This painting is called Dragon's Breath.

My work is intuitive, including my digital paintings.  I always start with color and recently started making a habit of adding texture, too.  Color is the stepping stone to my compositions because from it comes life.

This video demonstrates my intuitive nature.  What I do on my iPad with my brushes is exactly what I do on paper and canvas for my originals.  

I usually have only a background layer and a painting layer.  I don't start with any color scheme.  I use colors that I like and mix them as I move across the canvas.

I like to use different brushes as I go, but I do have a file where I keep my go to brushes, too.

Although, it is less than 2 minutes, the painting took several hours.

If you are interested in originals, you can visit my Saatchi Art website.  A print of this on several different kinds of material can be had by going to my Fine Art America Site.

For questions, please post them in the comments below.

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