The Bird Nest-Investing in Artwork for Taiwan

There’s is a banker who also buys art for real estate investments.  Artwork improves the value of any property whether it is for sale or rent.

I am lucky to know her because a few months ago, she bought several of my paintings for improving the atmosphere of her property investments.

She stopped by my studio in Tainan City, Taiwan, and was given, again because she has bought before, another VIP welcome and showing.  She was very interested in my surreal abstract style portrait pieces.  Some of that work started as Outsider style (the beginning of my career) and warped into what I like to call “mindscapes”.

The Bird Nest is a little less of surreal, mindscape and more portrait style with a twist of abstraction.  It measures 28 x 24 inches and was intended to be stretched on a wooden frame, but I’ve learned that many people prefer to mount and frame the work because I paint to the edges of the canvas.

The title, “The Bird Nest” was an idea that came to me after I had already finished the paintings.  Most of my titling comes after the painting is finished.  I called it The Bird Nest because it reminded me of my mother who back in the 60s or 70s got her hair done in such a fashion.  I remember joking, not in front of her, about how it looked like a bird nest.  I could picture baby birds chirping inside her hair.

If you are interested in coming by to my studio in Taiwan, you can email me at KenLawArt or message me at FaceBookMessenger

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