Princess Diana-In Remembrance-Pocket Art Movement

I love to paint ACEOs.  Actually, those little paintings got me back into painting. 

ACEOs are small paintings that measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches and can be painted on canvas, heavy paper, wood and so much more.  They are highly collectiable because they are easy to acquire and affordable.

This post features a small painting I did several years ago and sold it soon after I finished it, but it is available for print.  It’s titled Princess Diana.  She was a well known princess of England and died many years ago in a tradget car accident.
A small painting of princess Diana of wales wearing a large hat with flowers and lace
Princess Diana of Wales

I didn’t plan on painting her.  My technique in painting these small artworks involve a small intuitive process that exercises the mind’s eye.  So, she appeared one day, and I worked out the rest.

I still do these small paintings, but typically concentrate on larger paper and canvas paintings. 

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