New Painting On Paper-Backstage

What have I been doing for so long?  Well, it is obvious for some of you.  Yes, that's right.  I haven't been posting any new paintings including digital artwork for a couple of months.

So, what's up with that?

It's called a struggle.  We all encounter this throughout our lifetime.  I tend to struggle a lot, and painting is a way to document it.  

My struggle is not painting, but painting abstracts.  For me, there's always faces surfacing to the top of my paintings when I really want nothing but color, shape, line and conflict.  These faces, I believe, come from my years of shooting portrait photography.  

Place me in front of a rectangle, and I will start seeing faces.

Perhaps that is why I have been using a different format-squares to paint abstracts.

So, this is what has surfaced over a couple of months.  It's called Backstage.  Although, a few faces are obvious; they aren't prominent.  That's the essences of Backstage.  The struggle with the work laid before oneself.  The in and out; the up and down.  

It's like traveling down a lonesome dark alleyway.  Winding this way and that way, and you continue because you know it's part of the journey.

Backstage is 24 x 36 inches on 140# watercolor paper.  For more information and price, please visit Saatchi Art Online.

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