Large Square Digital Download Abstract Painting

The title of this artwork printable is called Breeze in the Willows.

Breeze in the Willows is part of an ongoing process of painting an abstract in the confines of a square.  If you have never worked in a square format, then you'll probably won't understand why it is a mental exercise as well as painting practice.  For me, it is a good way to expand the way I look at things.


This painting was created by using digital oil brushes in an iPad Pro app called Procreate.  It's one of the many apps that I use to practice and conceive new ideas, processes and some really nice, large paintings that I can't do in my small studio.

Top Corner Close-up

Bottom Corner

I'm offering it as an Instant-Download-Printable-Artwork $5.95! When you purchase it, you'll be sent to a secure link download site.  In the folder, you'll find a PDF with instructions and a very high quality JPEG.  Please download them and save on your computer.  The image is 36 by 36 inches at 300 DPI.  Because it is a square, you can resize it to any size smaller, if you like.
If you have any questions, please contact me.

Hope you enjoy your new piece of artwork and please share it on Instagram using the hashtag #KenLawArt !

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