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night time photograph of seoul korea with signage on a busy street
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Artist are people, and they take breaks, too.  Just thought that should be first in this post.

Yes, we are humans, and we like to have fun just like you.

So, during Chinese New Year, my wife and I went to Korea.  While we were in Seoul, we visited many tourist attractions.  One such place was a live entertainment comedy show.  

It's called the Seoul Chef show and it's about laughing and having a good time with food. It was featured in Klook . 

Don't worry about having to have a translator because they speak pretty good English.

Each show lasts 60 minutes and the price is about $18 USD.  That's not bad for all the laughs you'll get.

The show we watched had four small gigs where two chefs, one being picked to make a dish, and four people from the audience are selected and participate in each short skit on stage.

I wasn't surprised when I was selected to be one such participant because I was the only one in the audience that had funny eyes and looked different.  Our food topic was Chinese Chicken Noodles.

I was totally scared when I got on stage, but I didn't worry about it because I knew I was going to have some fun, and that's exactly what we did.

What's so cool about it was that they wrote, directed and performed their.  Much like we did in high school.  The only difference here is that they were doing it as a living.

Another unique aspect was two guys with microphones were providing sound effects and music. 

I loved it!

If you get a chance to visit Seoul, Korea, go online first and buy tickets for the Chef Show.  You'll be glad you did.


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