A Digital Advantage To Traditional Painting

Family Portrait-An Early Stage of Development
A few months ago, I sold a large canvas painting-Family Portrait-to a collector in Wisconsin.  A month or so later, I discovered a snapshot of the painting at one of the early stages of development.  I thought it would be nice for the collector see what it looked like at the beginning; so, I sent him the picture.  He was thrilled.

That picture I sent was on my iPad Pro.  I happened to see it again while I was reviewing some snapshots, and that was when inspiration struck me.  I quickly loaded the picture in Procreate-one of the various digital painting programs that I like to use for digital painting.

I quickly began to paint on a duplicated layer letting go of any expectations, and this is what I ended up with.

The Reckoning

This, of course, is something you won’t be able to do painting traditionally. Going back into history and moving in a different direction just isn’t possible, but painting digitally, it is.

I could have taken many pictures making the possibilities endless, and this makes it so desirable for creators.

This is the final painting.  It is called The Reckoning.  It's available as a digital download and you can simple order a print online at my Fine Art America website.

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