To Worry or Reflect-That Is The Question

There are times in the life of an artist, no matter what it is you create, you'll find yourself reflecting or worrying about your direction, career, hopes, dreams, decisions and what you have done.  

I prefer to stick with reflection.  Reflection is different from worrying in that positive things can come from it.  Reflection is a learning posture, I think.

I haven't always been this away.  Most of my life has been a "woah is me" type of attitude.

The end of 2018, I sat in quiet contemplation for about 30 days.  It was a meditative state.  I didn't do any painting or any kind of art, (except for taking some photos), and I thought only about what I had accomplished and my direction.   

As I get older, I am learning to recognize that the way I think controls my life.  Like imagining something that isn't real.  Oh it can be if you learn to believe in it.  

Anyway, creating my own problems is a trait that isn't worth the energy spent, and we all do it, and we all can change, too.

2019, I will spend more time doing what I did in December for 30 days, but maybe not as long.  It is a great benefit when I simply think about where I am, and where I'm headed in art.  When I do this, I don't judge myself.  I stick with what is real and tangible.

Going into this new year, the most important thing I have learned is not to judge yourself.  That is a key.  

Worrying or creating those mental problems are different of course.  In the past, my life was filled mostly with ideas that really only existed in my mind.  I worried about things like:

1.  Am I good enough to be an abstract artist?

2.  Am I doing something wrong?

3.  Am I worthy of success?

The list goes on and on. 

So, how do you stop this madness?  

When you ask yourself questions like these, you should stop, first.  Take a short break and do something that you like.  Once you are out of that bashing your head against the wall, you should think about things that make you feel good and why.  

There is not a person alive right now is not worthy of success and deserve it.  You have everything you need right now to be as successful as you want to be.

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