Slip Stream-A New Urban Neo Expressionism Painting by Ken Law

neo expressionism abstract urban style painting with two faces a crown scribble words
Slip Stream

I've been on a short furlough, and now i'm back to work.

Magic happens, at least for me, if I stop and do some reflection on my direction.  I did just that

Then I got back to work, and this is what I came up with.  It's called "Slip Stream."  It's the first painting for 2019 and represents some of the decisions I came up with during my vacation. 

Slip Stream is about being caught up in other people's problems.  We become caught up in other people's problems, right? 

It's not that we think we can help solve problems for them.  Instead, it's more like being caught up in a slip stream.  They create a momentum of their problem that escalates into a force that draws you in whether you want it or not.  The problems becomes your problem hence being drawn into a slip stream.

This 2019 painting is 40 by 55 inches and is on canvas.  It will be available for purchase on my Saatchi Art website sometime after Chinese New Year.

I use just about everything to create this painting that I love.  It's acrylic, marker, graphite, oil pastel and a little enamel on gesso canvas. 

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.

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