Recently Sold Canvas Painting-Showtime

I do my best to inform the public with new sales as often as I can.  I think it is important to demonstrate to the public and collectors that my artwork is selling.

Showtime . SOLD
Showtime was created back in 2016 when I was doing mostly surreal figurative artwork.  I called them dreamscapes or mindscapes. Showtime fell closer towards realism.

Realism is something I don't really do.  I prefer to work without an outline, photo or plan.  I really like spontaneity.

Nevertheless, I followed my heart on this one, and continue to paint as I saw it.

Showtime and several others sold to a collector who invests in houses and apartment in Taiwan.  She bought them to decorate her new acquisitions.

Showtime is an acrylic painting measuring 28 by 24 inches on canvas.


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