One of the things I Like to Do When I’m Not Painting

Like most people, I enjoy my time away from work.  

What are some things I do to relax and re-energize before going back to work?  I have several things that I like to do.  Here, I’ll talk about one.

My wife and I love to go out to eat.  Although  eating is a function of the body and a daily requirement, the Chinese and Taiwanese believe it to be something to enjoy with friends and family.  For them, lunch or dinner can be an event to enjoy for hours.

They love to make eating a family thing, and it should be fun, colorful and enjoyable.  Believe me, they do make it colorful.  Most of the time, the chiefs add color to all of their dishes; so, it doesn’t always have to be plain.  One of their favorite colors to add to any dish is red (peppers).  

We went to one of our restaurants called 1010 Hunan in Tainan, Taiwan.  Hunan is actually a place in China. Their style of food is usually spicy.  They have many dishes that we like to eat, and I love spicy food.  It's also very authentic.  

They have several main entrees to choose from, but I really like their exotic items like a dish that has stomach parts of a pig and something they call "ducks' blood".  I'm not sure if it is really blood or
not.  It's reddish brown and Tofu-like.  Another dish I like is what they call "100 Years Egg".  I think it's a duck egg that they turn to a dark green jelly through a process of aging.  It has a toxic smell by itself, but in this dish, they add a sauce and red chili which neutralizes the smell.    If you order a salmon head, you’ll learn as I did that there’s a lot of tender meat that is usually thrown away by other people.  One thing to be sure, Asian people do not waste anything.

A five course meal with a couple of side dishes will cost you about $35 to $45 USD, but it's worth it.

1010 Hunan is Tainan, Taiwan.  It's a nice place to eat and has a friendly atmosphere.  Artists like me enjoy a break at places like this.

Stop by and enjoy some REAL Hunan food in Taiwan.

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