Negative Business: What Do You Do? Stop Buying and Move On!

I am the last person in the world who likes to complain and pass it on.  Why?  I know how it makes you feel, and no one likes bad feelings.

Sometimes, you just have to open your mouth; although, I think some people take this to the extreme.

As an artist, I am always trying out and buying stuff online for my art business.  On Amazon, I found a Seller who sold 140# art paper, which I use, at a very reasonable price.

What was very important to me was that the product was 5 yards of 140# watercolor paper at 36 inches in a roll.  That meant for me, that I could measure out and cut my paper to any size that I like, and it also meant that I could do some large artworks on paper that were at least 36 inches.

So, I bought their product from Bee Paper Company.  Everything seemed legit, but I was shorted 18 inches.  I suppose I shouldn't whine because it was only 18 inches, but it meant I had one less 36x24 inch painting.  How would you feel about that.

I'm not sure why any company feels that they should do their best to beat out the buyer for any reason, but they do everyday.

All I can say is, "Never again."

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