Change or Growing Pains, Is It Right For You

Dealing With Change

orange, yellow, blue, black and white, painted vertically like tree bark
Detail from a New Abstract Series Called Windows
Change and growing pains, I believe are the same.

Back in 2009, I picked up a brush for fun and to kill time because I had a lot of it.  There were no expectations and so, there were no disappointments.  As a matter of fact, I really loved it.  

It's not my first encounter to art.  I was drawing and painting realistically from photographs back in high school.  I liked it then, too, but most of my peers, the important ones in my life, did not see art as a way of life.  Instead, I would work as a photographer.

Picking up that brush a second time, there were many things that had changed for me.  I was painting for myself and that made a big difference with my approach to art both technically and aesthetically.  No more photographs, drawings or outlines for me.  

Over the years, my art changed from an Outsider style artwork, to surreal portraits, to abstract expressionism.  Because of change, I have left some fans and collectors behind.

Change is good for me.  It keeps the creative wheels turning and adds flavor to my daily routine.  Nevertheless, with change, some growing pains will emerge.  I've left behind some people who liked what I did earlier and perhaps closed those doors.  That hurts and is frustrating.

Not being able to please everyone is a fact that artists face everyday.  What keeps me going is that it is right for me, and along the way, I acquire new fans and collectors.

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