New Art Collection on Fine Art America.

Most of you don't know that I have an account with Fine Art America.  It's a great place for me to share my art in the form of many different and useful items including art prints and canvases.

Just recently, I was commissioned to watercolor a Fat Boy motorcycle made by Harley Davison.  The owner of the bike has some cool tastes, and this is one of them.  You can take a look at the final watercolor below.

I was really having fun with the motorcycle that I decided to create a Retro like poster of it too, but it was still missing something.  That's when Doc Holiday's line popped in my head!  "I'm your huckleberry..." 

So, I decided to create a new collection on Fine Art America that will be posters with famous movie quotes and some really good art too.

If you have some famous movie quotes, please leave them in a comment below.  Who knows, it may become a poster!

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