Finite: Art Blogging on the Go

Blogging on the Go

I’m still working on my “Central Hub” or at lease that is what. I call it.  A special place (website) where I can communicate with the world around me about the things I like to do, and just maybe inspire, motivate and educate a few along the way.

To be able to really do that, one needs to be mobile because the world is on the go too.  It’s nice to be able to take a snap shot, sit down at the coffee shop and start you story before you get to the office or while grabbing a bite to eat.  Another words, it’s great to be able to work and communicate with your audience when you are inspired.

I’m using an iPad Pro as my on-the-go device right now.  The workflow and configuration are far from being perfect, but things are looking up.

Recently, I invested $35 apx at Amazon for a Fintie protective case and WiFi keyboard.  Although the iPad is mobile, it is not a laptop.  Typing is labor intensive without a connected keyboard.  This was on of the many solutions that fit my budget.  

Check them out and follow me while I continue to find ways to streamline my art and photography workflow.

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