Don't Bust Tables as an Artist-Instead Expand Your Art Abilities

Don't Complain-Learn to Expand Your Horizons

When selling art to collectors is slow, you won't find me busting tables to buy canvas.  Nope, not me.  

There are alternatives out there that you as an artist can do to continue to work as an artist and learn something new along the way.

I post instant downloadable art on Etsy for Do-It-Yourself art enthusiasts that want to save some money by printing themselves.  It's a great way to add some color to any room, and it creates another stream of income.

Recently, I added photo restoration, enhancement and object, background removal for e-shops and consumers to my shop's inventory.  Because I use Photoshop to correct lighting and lens distortion for documenting my original artwork, it became a natural way for stepping into this new field of work and still enjoy doing some kind of art.

It also has other benefits beside putting a few buck into your pocket.  

A few days ago, I receive a request to remove some cartoon facial elements from a woman's face (photo).   She had three to do, and Photoshop just wasn't getting the job done.

Unlike some artists out there, I have come to embrace and appreciate digital art.  I've been painting digitals works on my iPad Pro for almost a year.  

So, I pulled out my iPad, Apple Pencil and fired up Procreate.  Here, I literally painted out the fuzzy ears and raccoon nose.

She was elated!  It's always nice to learn that you have done something wonderful with your art skills.

Remember, you don't have to bust tables while you are waiting to become famous as an artist.  There are many things you can do with your art skills besides what you want to do.  

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