A New Abstract Expressionism Painting Series

Window 1: New Abstract Expressionism Painting Series

Window 1   Available
My interests in painting, the second time around, has always been an Abstract Expressionism style interest.  My first encounter of this movement was Jackson Pollock's work.  He didn't leave a very good first impression, but he was the reason why or at least partly why I picked up the brush again.  Joan Mitchell is another one.

Since discovering and embracing Joan Mitchell's work, I've been painting to my heart's desire.  I love abstract expressionism.  It helps me to release the day's dust and tension.  I think Picasso said that, and he was right.  It's another reason for me to paint.  It really helps to sort out all those voices inside my head. 

I've been keeping most of this new work within a single linear movement.  That's why I included them all into a series called "Windows".

Although The Windows Series is dedicated to Pollock and Mitchell's work, the works don't follow their particular style or process.  I like to sand and scape to reveal details and strokes underneath the surface.  It's like discovering the thoughts, actions and motivations of the artist as he or she works through the mental noise.

I have created more than 16 as part of this collection, but I have photographed all of them and posted them online.  You can see the first 16 at Saatchi Art Online.  The one pictured here is Window 1.  It's a acrylic painting with graphite and paint marker on Paper.  It's 16.1 x 14.1 inches approximately.  It has a white border making it easy to frame.

I'm calling this series Windows because it's a way to observe and discover trees up close without disturbing or harming the them.   These paintings are vertical like trees and basically depict the skin (bark) and the color represents the inner soul.

I'll have more to come.  If you have any questions, please comment below.

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