Art Can Be Disappointing At Times

Pulling Tape Off an Artwork Can Be Like Christmas Sometimes

Since August, I have been working on a series that I call "Windows".   The paintings are a remembrance back when I was shooting for a living.  I would sometimes do some interesting abstracts by focusing my camera lens between a glass window's two surfaces.

The paintings and future ones' are all painted on watercolor paper and have a white border.  The borders are created using painters' tape and vary between 5/8s to 7/8s like the one on the right.  They are all in portrait format, too.

Creating borders for my art on paper is not something new, but when I start peeling the tape back, it is like Christmas especially if I get crisp edges. On the other hand, it can like getting a pair of socks.  

This abstract expressionism painting is a 24 x 18 inch on 140 lb. cold press paper.  It's the first biggest painting on paper I have ever done, and while I was pulling the tape off, I had a grind on my face.  That didn't last very long when I discovered some of the paint bleed through to the border.  

What do you do?  Fix it!  Paint over it!  I have some Molotov Acrylic Markers that I use to help me clean up those not so perfect borders.  The broad tip marker work great.

What do you do when something like that happens to your work?

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