Inverse Perception: Abstract Expressionism

Inverse Perception 36x36 inches.  Print sizes are available.
As a painter, I need challenges in my life.  The same ol' same ol' will eventually turn me into an old man.  I'm not ready for that.

When I first encounter non-objective abstracts years ago, I really thought that anyone could do them including monkeys.  It appears that in some situations, monkeys can (big smile).  I remember commenting on Jackson Pollocks action paintings by saying, "A monkey can do better than that."  Low and behold the monkey, me, tried and couldn't.  Even the simplest form was beyond my meager mortal self.  What have I stumbled upon?

What intrigued me about non-objective abstracts was the challenges in painting them.  Of course, all the fundamental elements needed to produce beautiful photographs, which I had experience in and did for a living, are also intertwined with painting.  Although I understood these elements that make a good photograph, it was difficult in selecting and combining them into a blank canvas.  Instead of looking for that perfect piece of art through a camera lens, I was now working backwards.

Life is a process.  Our jobs are too.  It just takes practice.

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