I'm Back. Abstract Expressionist Artist is Back to Blogging and Posting Art.

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Have you ever watched the movie, "Independence Day" ??  I remember Randy Quaid saying, "I'm back!" right before he shoves his million ton airplane right up the Aliens'  A...hole.  Fun! Right!  Well this is my second shot to the same old theme-"I'm gonna make it this time".... LOL!  I've had my own website before, and made a lot of mistakes.  Now, I'm back, and hope to make a few less mistakes.  This time around, I have a better idea of what I want and how to accomplish it.  So, I am gathering everything I like to do that is "creative" and putting it all (hopefully) under one hood.  You'll get stuff about painting both traditionally and digitally, photography stuff, and lot's of videos that will host a bunch of information to make your day easier and fun.  By doing so, I hope to open a channel of communication that is centralized, organized and simplified and hope to achieve my mission of putting art back into the stream of life by inspiring, motivating and educating fun loving people who love creating stuff and have lots of fun doing it.  Wow!  Was that a sentence?

By the way, I'm Ken Freeman.  Hi there. I've worked as a photographer, videographer, spent 20 years in the Army National Guard as a Field Artillery Surveyor Instructor, and now, I'm living one of my childhood dreams of being a visual artist.  I excel in having different things to do, but the problem lies in time especially in communicating to my audience.  That's why I am building KenLaw.Art. It will centralize everything I like to do in one place including making how to videos.

If you are interested in art, photography, and making videos then you are at the right place.  Please stay tune and follow my site, and you'll know when I post some good stuff for you.


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